All My Loving



As I sit here and daydream
Of the first day we met
I can still see your eyes gleam
And I feel as if I have won a bet
You are mine to keep for now and forever

I love you with all my heart
And our love is so deep
It’s as if we are pieces of art
You’re mine and I am yours
I hope we never fall apart
Share the same soul, The same heart

I pray we take each step together
May the love among us end never
Our heartbeats and blinks
Our kisses and hugs
Love and Emotion be for endless while
Bliss in the relationship and our
understanding ways
I pray to Jesus the couple shall forever be gay

Women : They complete this world

Women's Day
She rests like a bud with poise
Smiling at the echoes of the posh world’s voice
Thousands and thousands of dreams waiting
To hold her attention before vacating
To teach her the kiss of success
And help her bloom in society like a hibiscus
Few striving to rule the science of space
Some meddling with machinery to make it swirl in daze
Few pen down poems in the meadows
While some dance like divas casting beautiful shadows
Like cuckoos some sing expressive songs
Whole few are like frightful sparrows fighting against wrongs
Mighty hearted ones surrender themselves to rusty uniform duties
Not bothering a bit about the mascaras and beauties
And some are tender enough to tend to sick people
With supreme motherly love and the wisdom of Peepal
Some express the unexpressed feelings by the magic of their palatte
Which is auctioned pretty high to empty others wallet
In the midst of these successful women
There does exist fearsome ones dominated by men
When will the sun rise in their lives?
And bring those hidden buds talent knowm to world’s rife
To conquer the world with their passions
And make the world shiver in awe by their fashion
To come up in life with a mission
Possessing colorful profession
And strive to make their life an enjoyable opera
And seer with indomitable success like queen cobra!


To all the women in the World,

Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment of Happiness is incomplete without you. You complete this world. On this Women’s Day, I wish you Empowerment, Equality, Self Righteousness, Success, Respect and Honour.

A Walk Down The Memory Lane


There are a few moments in your life when you are truly happy and you remember to give thanks. A good thing happened to me today. I was going through my Facebook and a thought struck me.. why not make use of the history option and revisit the old posts and pictures. Well, my reminiscence can be described accurately in two words : Embarrassing but nonetheless, nostalgic. From the phase when “I uSeD tO wRitE LyK DiS” to tagging all my friends into a random ‘Friends’ pictures. All that stuff travels through the million miles and the memories come back. It may sound lame now but quintessentially, those are the things that used to define us at that time probably. Those cute love statuses you wrote for your loved ones might fluster you now and the long cliché-d(if that’s even a word) birthday wishes we used to write for our best friends, the comment fights, the hate statuses(those are still in fashion, right?).

It’s strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future, but it is very important that we do so. Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson : you find the present tense and past perfect(And that’s one clever quote. I need to remember this one). It is a necessary thing, I believe, and a way for all of us to find peace in that we have accomplished, or even failed to accomplish.

People in those crazy, cute, adorable pictures might have moved away from us or might have gotten busy but the amazing memories that they have given us, the footprints they’ve left on our lives ..they don’t wither away easily. Those old pictures and old posts also brings out memories of people who are no more substantial in our lives but played a huge part in making us who we are today. Here’s a big cheers to folks who helped me make memories, whether we’re in touch or not, where ever you are today.. I wish you the best for life.



People say love is beautiful, love is forever and endless. The feeling itself takes the hold of you and gets you in ways you wouldn’t have thought of before. And the most amazing thing about love is that it prevails in many forms. It is all around you, you just have to process it, feel it through your heart. Whatever you think is more important, well, don’t kid yourself. Money, Success are supposedly the materialistic things you can avail probably through the major parts of your life but if you lose love, sometimes it just  doesn’t come back. I always say we should make most of all the second chances that life gives us but what if there isn’t a second chance?..

Love is probably the finest of all the remedies in the world, let’s not let it go by or fall apart.

College + Life Lesson(or Something Entirely Else Maybe)


Is it just me or are internal vivas crazy as fuck?
Just love to see that astonished look on the face of a teacher who expect their students to be sincere at least on one day but then again the “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude by the students just gives them a binder lol
And then comes the big bomb, the “When We Were Students” Lecture. I used to hate college life in the beginning but little things like these gives me a reminder that maybe life isn’t so bad. We should just get along sometimes the road that we were so afraid to take at the first place may turn out to be beneficial for us.