It has been a long time since I have sat down in front of my computer and poured my heart out. I feel peculiar. I feel strange. I feel different. I imagine this is what introspection and self realization leads to. The monotony of the corporate life has sucked me in. What was once... Continue Reading →


All My Loving

As I sit here and daydream Of the first day we met I can still see your eyes gleam And I feel as if I have won a bet You are mine to keep for now and forever I love you with all my heart And our love is so deep It's as if we... Continue Reading →

THE CHEESEBURGER! (Writer has hunger issues)

Sometimes all you feel inside is this temporary but this random and scary darkness, there strikes a period of time where you dont know what's happening around you because you just dont feel good about anything that's happening. This temporary void fucks you up in ways you cant even understand, sometimes you just crack. But you know... Continue Reading →

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