The Stone House Mystery – Part I


Italo Calvino said: “The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts.”


Julie Ann moved into the big stone house with a lot of anticipations and excitement. The house, according to her, was her big life changing moment..something that would help her grow up and mature. Little did she know that the house was haunted and was supposed to be cursed. The stone house was built in the late 1940s by the rich landlord, Daniel Campbell who owned most of the estate in New Jersey, New York. Mr. Campbell’s family was found dead under mysterious circumstances. She had heard about the history of the house from the local residents but didn’t pay any heed to it. It seemed all Harry Potter-ish to Julie. It was a part of her nature. According to her childhood mates and family, Julie had been a free soul since the beginning, she was someone who had a broad vision and wanted to leave her mark in this world.

In the beginning, when started the house search, nothing seemed to go her way. Every home and apartment she saw, she had a problem with it. Some were too crappy, some out of her budget. She had almost given it up when she saw the rustic grey stoned house. It seemed perfect to her. In her mind, she thought that the house spoke to her. Jason Skylar, her Real Estate Agent was happy that after weeks of house searching, at least she liked one. Glad that he would finally make a commission out of this deal, he purposely didn’t tell her about the dark history of the house. She thought grilling him about the history was a waste of time.

But before the deal could finally be sealed, they stuck on the price. She thought 40 grands were too much for this old two rooms up and one room down house. She argued that she would have to get it in order before finally start living. She had a fair point but Jason as exasperated he was by all her coy and picky nature, he wouldn’t budge even a little. When she thought her arguing wouldn’t work a bit on that seedy guy, she thought to charm herself out of this situation and finally got of hold of that miser who took 7 grands of the quoted sum. She often had that effect on boys who seemed to get floored when they looked at her. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was the most desirable girl in her high school. Still, $33,000 was a hefty sum but Julie’s rich parents, who passed away when she was just nine, had set up a trust fund for her which helped her complete her education and maybe set up a small business as well. She was never a brat. In fact, Julie was much more mature than the girls of her age. She excelled at her school and was the Valedictorian of her batch. She got into NYU with a full ride and she never let the traumas of her past take over her emotions. Strong, Beautiful and Silent are the most appropriate words that would probably describe young and ambitious Julie Ann.

New Jersey seemed like a whole new world to Julie. Being from the slow and small town of Perryridge, the best city in the world was a challenge but the idea of new experiences, new adventures, exploring the world, meeting new people excited her. Moving to New York was the first big step she had taken in years . She knew that it was gonna be difficult but it seemed right to her at that time. She was excited to finally live alone and make progress. But would this prove to be a mistake for Julie?

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A Walk Down The Memory Lane


There are a few moments in your life when you are truly happy and you remember to give thanks. A good thing happened to me today. I was going through my Facebook and a thought struck me.. why not make use of the history option and revisit the old posts and pictures. Well, my reminiscence can be described accurately in two words : Embarrassing but nonetheless, nostalgic. From the phase when “I uSeD tO wRitE LyK DiS” to tagging all my friends into a random ‘Friends’ pictures. All that stuff travels through the million miles and the memories come back. It may sound lame now but quintessentially, those are the things that used to define us at that time probably. Those cute love statuses you wrote for your loved ones might fluster you now and the long cliché-d(if that’s even a word) birthday wishes we used to write for our best friends, the comment fights, the hate statuses(those are still in fashion, right?).

It’s strange how we hold on to the pieces of the past while we wait for our future, but it is very important that we do so. Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson : you find the present tense and past perfect(And that’s one clever quote. I need to remember this one). It is a necessary thing, I believe, and a way for all of us to find peace in that we have accomplished, or even failed to accomplish.

People in those crazy, cute, adorable pictures might have moved away from us or might have gotten busy but the amazing memories that they have given us, the footprints they’ve left on our lives ..they don’t wither away easily. Those old pictures and old posts also brings out memories of people who are no more substantial in our lives but played a huge part in making us who we are today. Here’s a big cheers to folks who helped me make memories, whether we’re in touch or not, where ever you are today.. I wish you the best for life.

Happy Endings





If you have read the some of the older blogs, you might have guessed one thing about the writer – that he believes in cliches and happy endings. 

Now, when you think of happy endings. What is not to like about them? The Superhero fights the villain, saves the world, kisses the beautiful gal and the world is suddenly a happy place to live. I think that is probably the best part of movies (and also all the cool VFX and Special Effects shit and oh, the action scenes too. Sorry, I get a bit carried away)

People tell me Happy Endings are something that happens only in the movies. They tell me I watch a lot of movies. Well, Guilty. But I feel that Happy Endings are not just a concept for the movies. Those Happy Endings are cliches for some people but for me they stand for faith and believe. Those few heartsome and promising moments make me cheerful. The Warmth and Hope. Well, that can’t be a bad thing, right. Quoting Andy said in Shawshank Redemption,”Red, Hope is a good thing. Maybe even the best of things and remember no good thing ever dies.” He was right. Sometimes, its all about the perceptions. My mother says,”People see what they want to see.” Cliche hai bhai, but sahi hai,

So what if I like seeing the Nerd Kid in the movie scoring the hot chic. And the underdog winning against the champion. Makes me happy and hopeful, I’d probably watch it again. Movies might raise your expectations of life but if you perceive just correctly, you might just get what I am trying to say. Hell, you might even start believing.

(And Last Question: tell me one thing? Who doesn’t like seeing the Nerdy get the cheerleader?)





IMG_5661About a month ago I bought two waist coats on impulse whiles thrifting and today I am honestly mad at myself for missing out on this piece of garment for so long. I have never fancied a full three piece suit, and its simply because I find it rather stiff than elegant, but in the case of an odd vest I couldn’t agree more,that this piece of garment definitely knows how to throw a touch of piñache into an ensemble.

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THE CHEESEBURGER! (Writer has hunger issues)


Sometimes all you feel inside is this temporary but this random and scary darkness, there strikes a period of time where you dont know what’s happening around you because you just dont feel good about anything that’s happening. This temporary void fucks you up in ways you cant even understand, sometimes you just crack. But you know what’s not cool giving in to this feeling, you know what’s not cool – cracking under pressure. Sometimes you’ve just gotta motivate yourself and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes all you need is that extra bit of will and a self boosting technique. I am not a highly prolific or a highly philosophical writer who’d use specific jargons and sort of things. Hell, I cant string two sentences together but I go through the same stuff that most humans go through or might feel at some point of time. I remember when I was a kid, whenever I used to get sad or angry, I used to go and write a couple of Articles or Short Notes on any topic. My old man got me onto this..used to say that a hyper kid like me should take on some hobby to keep my nerves calm and shit. Well, he was right and to this day I thank him profusely for inculcating a worth a while habit in me. No matter how bad I am at writing, it still helps to calm my nerves down when I am feeling low and more than that sometimes it makes me really happy. It just feels like home – Divine and Pure.

So, remember next time you’re trapped in a void, don’t try to fight it. Just think about the stuff that makes you happy, makes you chill your pants down. For me, its writing a bad article that might cheer up the person who’s reading it, for you it might be a walk in a garden you like, playing your favourite instrument or hell, you could find your bliss in a cheeseburger. So, its better to grab that yummy Cheeseburger(mine loaded with some extra crunchy bacon plus a fried egg on top. Crap, I know I should keep my hunger issues with myself) rather than struggling inside.  

A close friend said to me once,” Try to enjoy life and maybe you’ll start liking it.”

She was right about that shit




People say love is beautiful, love is forever and endless. The feeling itself takes the hold of you and gets you in ways you wouldn’t have thought of before. And the most amazing thing about love is that it prevails in many forms. It is all around you, you just have to process it, feel it through your heart. Whatever you think is more important, well, don’t kid yourself. Money, Success are supposedly the materialistic things you can avail probably through the major parts of your life but if you lose love, sometimes it just  doesn’t come back. I always say we should make most of all the second chances that life gives us but what if there isn’t a second chance?..

Love is probably the finest of all the remedies in the world, let’s not let it go by or fall apart.