THE CHEESEBURGER! (Writer has hunger issues)

Sometimes all you feel inside is this temporary but this random and scary darkness, there strikes a period of time where you dont know what’s happening around you because you just dont feel good about anything that’s happening. This temporary void fucks you up in ways you cant even understand, sometimes you just crack. But you know what’s not cool giving in to this feeling, you know what’s not cool – cracking under pressure. Sometimes you’ve just gotta motivate yourself and tell yourself that everything is going to be okay. Sometimes all you need is that extra bit of will and a self boosting technique. I am not a highly prolific or a highly philosophical writer who’d use specific jargons and sort of things. Hell, I cant string two sentences together but I go through the same stuff that most humans go through or might feel at some point of time. I remember when I was a kid, whenever I used to get sad or angry, I used to go and write a couple of Articles or Short Notes on any topic. My old man got me onto this..used to say that a hyper kid like me should take on some hobby to keep my nerves calm and shit. Well, he was right and to this day I thank him profusely for inculcating a worth a while habit in me. No matter how bad I am at writing, it still helps to calm my nerves down when I am feeling low and more than that sometimes it makes me really happy. It just feels like home – Divine and Pure.

So, remember next time you’re trapped in a void, don’t try to fight it. Just think about the stuff that makes you happy, makes you chill your pants down. For me, its writing a bad article that might cheer up the person who’s reading it, for you it might be a walk in a garden you like, playing your favourite instrument or hell, you could find your bliss in a cheeseburger. So, its better to grab that yummy Cheeseburger(mine loaded with some extra crunchy bacon plus a fried egg on top. Crap, I know I should keep my hunger issues with myself) rather than struggling inside.  

A close friend said to me once,” Try to enjoy life and maybe you’ll start liking it.”

She was right about that shit


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