Life Is All About Second Chances!


They say “Life isn’t fair”. They tell me you won’t have anything easy. They tell me the world is a playground for the Mighty. They tell me I am not strong enough to fight the world. I say I am Strong enough and I believe in myself and my abilities. They tell me I am too young and stupid. I say I am young and hence I can bring a change. They tell me my inexperience will probably take me down. I say I will learn with new experiences. And when they say I won’t get up when this harsh world takes me down. Well, I don’t believe them at all!

My Old Man says “The character of a man is not defined by how he behaves when he is at the top, rather his character is defined how he reacts when the lightening strikes and he is down the pit.” This, I would say, is the fine line that separates the Greats and the LEGEND-wait for it-DARY. Life always gives you second chances, it depends on you whether you realize and grab those chances and make amendments. That rest depends only and only on you whether you want to make it worth-a-while or you just want to wait a while and wait some more for the things to get okay. Life is an endless journey. There is a beautiful inspiration when you rise up from the dead

 So, the next time someone takes you down, don’t mourn about it because you never know that second chance might be around the corner. You just have to realize.

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