The Mix Tape


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mix Tape.”

So, this is my first post in months and my sister suggested me to try “The Daily Posts” to find some motivation and inculcate the habit of writing again. So, I am gonna do myself some good and write this post.

The Mix Tape. Well, Mix Tapes bring back the memories of childhood and oh, the nostalgia. I remember the time when Cassettes and CD players were a rage, all I see right now is people with their fancy Ipods and Smartphones and their Beats plugged in their ears. I mean..what happened to the days when listening to music didn’t come with a pre requisite of owning a cool gadget and an expensive pair of earphones. Anyway, not getting carried away and not getting too cynical about the world and getting back to the original theme of the post, this post aims at putting together a musical playlist of songs that describe my life, including what you hope your future entails.This question is too complex. So, in lieu of a discourse on music and my life, I’m just going to do a Top 10 list of songs that I love and hold a significant spot in my life and my smartphone(Crap! This world has sucked me in too! Haha!). Be it their lyrics or the music, these are the songs that define me.

So, here we go :

Number 10 : Everytime You Walk Away by Lincoln Hawks

Heard this one in a popular TV Series and have been hooked to it since then. The lyrics and the way the Vocalist has sung it is Aww.

(Yes, I am a guy and I occasionally write “Aww”.)

Number 9 : Fade to Black by Metallica

Yes, we have all been there. Done that. 😀

Number 8 : For the First Time by The Script

This is such a popular number by such a popular band. Love their music and specially the concept of this video.

Number 7 : Quit Playing Games With My Heart by Backstreet Boys

Indian kids will agree with me when I say Backstreet Boys deserve a place on their Top 10 list cause most of them start with Backstreet Boys and Bryan Adams. #JustIndianThings

Number 6 : All My Loving by The Beatles

People rave about Hey Jude and other Beatle songs but this Paul McCartney takes it away for me. Take a bow, legend!

Number 5 : Rockstar by Nickelback

‘Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars
And live in hilltop houses, drivin’ fifteen cars

And I rest my case!

Number 4 : 505 by Arctic Monkeys

I fell in love with this one as soon as I heard it and that was 3 and a half years back. Any day. Any time. I am going back to 505.

Number 3 : Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Only one word comes to my mind when I think of this song – Genius. My most favourite band.

Number 2 : High Hopes by Pink Floyd

Highly under rated but the riff that starts from 4:42 second till the end is enough to blow you away. Thank you, Sir David Gilmore, I don’t know what millions of folks would have done if it wasn’t for you and your compositions.

Number 1 : Jugni by Arif Lohar and the Coke Studio Pakistan Team

I know what you all are thinking. A guy so deep into Classic Rock and Alternate ranks a folk song as his #1 but let me tell you people, this one deserves to be on top. Amazing Amazing song. Arif Lohar with this magical voice, his chimta, the spellbounding music and the essence of the song. I remember it was continuously on repeat for more than a month after I had discovered it.

So, this ends my Top 10. These songs might or might not reflect my life but they are an integral part of my life. Finishing off with a Harry Potter quote(So awesome, right? :’D), Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone said,””Ah, music! A magic beyond all we do here!”

Thanks for reading.


I am back!


So, I stopped posting a while back and I gave up on writing new stuff, thinking that I was not as creative as I thought myself to be but then again not every blog that I post has to be perfect. Sometimes, all you need is a little motivation and a little push to fall back into pattern and that’s what I have promised myself today. A promise that I am going to write more frequently like I used to before without over thinking about the perfection of the post. So, fuck it. Let the posting begin. Remember, at least once a week. Cheers, people!

All My Loving



As I sit here and daydream
Of the first day we met
I can still see your eyes gleam
And I feel as if I have won a bet
You are mine to keep for now and forever

I love you with all my heart
And our love is so deep
It’s as if we are pieces of art
You’re mine and I am yours
I hope we never fall apart
Share the same soul, The same heart

I pray we take each step together
May the love among us end never
Our heartbeats and blinks
Our kisses and hugs
Love and Emotion be for endless while
Bliss in the relationship and our
understanding ways
I pray to Jesus the couple shall forever be gay

The Stone House Mystery Part II





For the first few days after shifting, everything seemed to be normal. Julie was having the time of her life. Life in the big city was much more exciting than what it was back in Perryridge. College was great, she even made some friends in her class. She had understood the whole ferry and the big subway system by heart. The house seemed to have taken her in. She felt homely and at ease. It was everything she had dreamt of, it was just perfect.


Ten – Fifteen days after she had moved in, she started to notice certain things..strange things that seemed odd to her. She would hear strange noises at night while she was in bed, she started feeling some cold spots too. One  morning while brushing her teeth, she smelled something funny. And when she reached the kitchen, she found rotten eggs lying broken on the floor. She could have sweared that they weren’t there last night. This freaked her out. She was disturbed when she went to college, unable to pay attention to what was being taught in her Economics Lecture. Her mind was still revolving around and about those rotten eggs. Her friend, Rebecca noticed her friend’s funny mood and asked jokingly,”Hey Jules! Where’s your mind at? Still thinking of the ways to get around Prof Samuels, huh? Yeah, I mean he’s hot but Jules, he’s still our teacher.” Julia did’nt find it funny at all but let Rebecca’s comment pass by. She was preoccupied today. The day passed by without any eventful thing. When James asked her if she wanted to go out with the gang for a drink, she refused straight away and headed back home. Everything was peaceful and normal when she got back. She took a sigh of relief. She was tired and went to bed directly without taking a shower or even changing her clothes.


When she woke up the next day, she was glad that it was the weekend. She called Rebbeca and the gang to invite her for a housewarming party. She thought it might make up for her wierd behaviour the day before. She was looking forward for having her friends over her place and was excited by the prospect of a fun night. “God knows I could do with a party right now”, she thought. She took her 1967 Chevy Impala to the nearby supermarket to get essential for the big party. It was when she returned that she notices that the flowers, the trees in her garden were dying and it wasn’t even autumn yet. It seemed funny to her since when she had moved in, they were in perfect condition and she even used to water them regularly. When she asked her neighbour, Ms Fitzpatrick what was happening to the flower. She replied,”Oh dear, these days, they bring in the hybrids from you don’t know where. It might be the reason, you know.” But this didn’t seem like a rational explanation to Jules. At that moment , she reminded herself that she had so much preparation to do for the party and she coudld worry about the trees and flowers the next day.


The gang arrived at Seven in the evening and they all seemed to be in high spirits. Well, who doesn’t like a night full of drinks and debauchery. Ronny, the “Boozehead” as he was affectionately called even brought his Karaoke System. “This is going to be one epic night, folks. Now Jules, you just need to appoint me as the chief bartender.” To this Vic replied,”Why should you be the bartender? We’re gonna run out of alcohol if you are appointed. Forget it, Boozo.” Vic was called “The Buff” because of his jock personality and big stature. Ronny thought it would be inviting trouble to challenge Vic’s verdict and sighed. Everyone laughed at seeing disappointment on his face. “The party was a great idea. Why didn’t I think of it before?” Julie thought, everyone seemed to have an awesome time. Vic and Eva particularly seemed to have a great time. Everyone in the group knew about their attraction towards each other. Julie took Rebecca aside and apologised to her. Rebecca, as carefree and happy-go-lucky she was forgave Julie in a second. When Rebecca asked again,”What was disturbing you yesterday, Jules?” Now, Julie couldn’t have kept it from her and as crazy as it seemed to her, Julie told Rebecca about the cold spots, noises at night and the egg-incident that happened the day before. When Rebecca heard about it, she couldn’t make any sense of the whole thing and just assured her friend that they might be coincidences. This seemed to relax Julie and  her mood was set right and she started dancing with Rebecca and Amanda on “I want you to want me” by Cheap Trick being sung horribly by Adam. But Rebecca’s assurances and also a fair amount of gin had done their trick. Julie had set herself free. In the amidst of all the fun and enjoyment, a loud shriek shook everyone up. It came from the Bathroom on the first floor. It looked like Eva had locked herself in and was having trouble getting out. Everyone was sure that someone had played a prank on  Eva and would have locked the door from outside. Amanda went upstairs to see if this was the case. When she saw that the door was perfectly unlocked from the outside, she shouted to her friends below,”Hey Guys, hurry up. Its not a prank. She’s locked. Vic, hurry up.” Suddenly, there was a commotion and everyone rushed upstairs. Eva was shouting in her shrill voice continuously. Julie told Eva to calm down and shouted back,”Eve, just put some pressure. Its just an rusty old knob. You’ll get out nice and easy.” “Jules, I have tried everything. I didn’t even lock this friggin’ thing. I just came to wash my face, I didn’t even close the door. It just did it by itself and got bolted. I am so scared, Jules. Please get me out.”, Eva begged. It was just preposterous. How could the door have locked itself in, she has had way to many drinks.”, Jules thought. But the problem of the moment was to get her out. She asked Vic to take down the door and he did as said. Vic put his athletic body to use and broke the white painted wooden door by just one right shoulder’s push. Eva came out and flunged her arms around Vic and started sobbing. He carried her downstairs to the living room. Julie went to kitchen to get her water and she had just entered when she saw her. She was standing just right beside the refrigerator. She looked like a beautiful, innocent ten year old wearing clothes that might have been in fashion in the mid 19th century but when she Julie properly saw her, she noticed that the girl had a bullet wound around her belly. It looked fresh and the blood was still red. That’s when it struck Julie, that little girl was not real. It was a spirit.

Women : They complete this world

Women's Day
She rests like a bud with poise
Smiling at the echoes of the posh world’s voice
Thousands and thousands of dreams waiting
To hold her attention before vacating
To teach her the kiss of success
And help her bloom in society like a hibiscus
Few striving to rule the science of space
Some meddling with machinery to make it swirl in daze
Few pen down poems in the meadows
While some dance like divas casting beautiful shadows
Like cuckoos some sing expressive songs
Whole few are like frightful sparrows fighting against wrongs
Mighty hearted ones surrender themselves to rusty uniform duties
Not bothering a bit about the mascaras and beauties
And some are tender enough to tend to sick people
With supreme motherly love and the wisdom of Peepal
Some express the unexpressed feelings by the magic of their palatte
Which is auctioned pretty high to empty others wallet
In the midst of these successful women
There does exist fearsome ones dominated by men
When will the sun rise in their lives?
And bring those hidden buds talent knowm to world’s rife
To conquer the world with their passions
And make the world shiver in awe by their fashion
To come up in life with a mission
Possessing colorful profession
And strive to make their life an enjoyable opera
And seer with indomitable success like queen cobra!


To all the women in the World,

Every Home, Every Heart, Every Feeling, Every Moment of Happiness is incomplete without you. You complete this world. On this Women’s Day, I wish you Empowerment, Equality, Self Righteousness, Success, Respect and Honour.